Fire For The Red Corner

by Craig Elliott



Play loud please


released May 2, 2012

Craig Elliott: Vox, Gats, Keys
Zach Webber: Drums
Teresa Lee Samuels: Additional Vox on 'Broken Arm'



all rights reserved
Track Name: Four Four Four
Mumbles and fumbles
From the room next door
Room 442
To 444

You wouldn't lie to me
Would you?
When you go
Oh God I hope you stay gone

Hanging from the ceiling
By hooks and string
Don't you want to hear
About my day?

Have you thought about me
Like I've thought you?
Room 444
To 442

They say they swear
They said they swore
They're seeing God
In the room next door
Track Name: Misery Guts
You gotta love progress
Gotta love my love of money
Gotta love my love of money

I worked hard for this stuff
You could at least keep this stuff clean

You're making me restless
The way you whisper to yourself
I gotta stop telling myself:
'Get out the house
I gotta get out of the house'

Get out the house
I gotta get out of the house
Because I'm sick of the sound
Of the silent sufferer

Saying you're fine like you're not
And I'm bored
And I gotta get out the house
But really where'm I gonna go?

Misery guts
Always such a misery guts
But there's something to admire
In the silent sufferer

Wide awake with worry
And saying you're fine but thinking:
'God I gotta get out the house
But really where'm I gonna go?'

Gotta love progress
And control
Mild and meaningless
But I just wanna keep my hands busy
Track Name: Secret Society Priests
Underground secret society priests
Are calling for you
They're going, 'Oh we owe ya
And it's all here in gold
And we'll leave the light on for you.'

'Let it be me!'
Oh God everyone wants to be
The body on the altar
Aching and exhaling
Into the hereafter

Stings something vicious
Hours are days
And the days are weeks
Even if you lie
We just want to hear you speak

Underground the secret society sings:
'Anything is better than this
But y'know we owe ya
Our foreheads to the floor
And we'll leave the light on for you'
Track Name: St. Elmo's Fire
Are you alone
Thinking evil thoughts?

I'm not a loner
I'm up here with my
Enemies' enemies
Track Name: Film Noir
I'm a stutter
I'm stolen thunder
I'm screaming bloody

I'm the colour
Of the hold I'm under
That whispers to me:
'Temper temper'

I'm the letter
The note, the number
There I am

The dogs of war
Are thoughtless thugs
But when your soul is pulp
And you're a misery guts
What's to lose?

Where were you
When the hard-got hand got through?
Call me over
To the devil's room

I'm certain
That the line of light between the curtains
Is being blocked by an observer
I should've listened to the bible bashers
Should've got my act together
But I didn't
And now I'm just a stutter

I'm a stutter
I'm stolen thunder
Whisper to me:
'Temper temper'